PWR Team


The PWR Team represents a cohesive group of athletes that maintain a high percentage of availability to play via a focus on injury prevention, wellness, and preparedness. 

No matter the sport, PWR Lab's system will provide a high view visualization that allows coaches and team stake holders to quickly and effectively monitor and track the preparedness and resiliency of their team. The system provides both a broad overview as well as a detailed analysis of every athlete and every training session.

Data-Powered Athlete Optimization

 PWR Labs helps to produce healthier, higher-performing athletes.  The PWR Lab system continuously monitors and optimizes key variables, such as ground contact time, power output, vertical stiffness, cadence, rate of exertion, workload, mileage, anaerobic threshold, and rolling max power means.  It enables your coaches and athletes to train with higher precision and optimize their performance and reduce injury risk with confidence and ease through better informed decisions and individualized athlete alerts.