PWR Lab Team Platform

Data-Driven Team Training Platform

PWR Lab Team Dashboard

PWR Lab's powerful data analytics and dashboard visualizations provide coaches and team stakeholders unique ways to monitor and improve the preparedness and resiliency of their teams. The system provides both a broad overview as well as a detailed analysis of every athlete and every training session. PWR Lab's advanced data analytics help identify over and under-training athletes, overall preparedness, and when athletes are at greater risk of injury. This information helps coaches maintain a high percentage of runner availability throughout the team.

Data-Powered Athlete Optimization

The PWR Lab system continuously monitors and optimizes key variables, such as ground contact time, power output, vertical stiffness, cadence, rate of exertion, workload, mileage, anaerobic threshold, and rolling max power means. It enables coaches and athletes to train with higher precision and confidence.

Getting Started

See firsthand how we predict risk, prevent injury, and enable you to perform optimally. Contact PWR Lab at or (505) 226-0125 to schedule an online demo of the PWR Lab Team Platform, or sign up for a PWR Lab Team Assessment.

Our online demo takes about 45 minutes

We'll demonstrate how easy it is to access and extract real value from your Team's data using PWR Lab's proprietary data science engine. Intuitive visualizations will bring to light profound insights that otherwise would be buried in complex data to inform decisions to predict risk, prevent injury, and enable optimal performance.

Team Assessment

No strings attached - this is a great first project with PWR Lab. Using real data from your athletes' GPS watches, our analytics team will develop an informative, actionable, one-time report which highlights the current preparedness and injury risks of the team. This exposure to the PWR Lab Team Platform is an easy, low-commitment way for teams to experience the benefits of PWR Lab Team Platform before choosing PWR Lab as the foundation for their data-driven approach to training and injury reduction.