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I firmly believe that using PWR Lab was an integral part of our team’s success last season, and am thrilled to have the entire team on it this year.
Felipe Montoro
Head Coach, T&F / XC
Santa Clara University
PWR Lab has helped us reorganize our approach to training with athlete health at the center. They understand how to address the demands of high-performance training within an environment designed for the long-term flourishing of the athlete. Our runners are healthier, faster, and more excited about the sport because of PWR Lab's involvement in our program.
Alex Lyons
Head Coach, T&F / XC
Lyons Township High School
I wanted to share this: today was my third consecutive running day – still gaining confidence in that ability. I finished feeling strong, like I had gas left in the tank and would have a quick recovery. Checked my watch, and saw that I had a new 10K PR... thank you.
Jennifer S.
Running Enthusiast
PWR Lab System

Providing sports performance data, data science, and consulting services

PWR Research Platform provides custom support to organizations, businesses, and institutions working to push the boundaries of sports performance research or deepen the their existing knowledge base. PWR Lab provides anonymized sports performance data as well as consulting services in order to support and facilitate these endeavors through a robust innovative framework.

Second by Second Data

Second-by-Second Data

Our internal data includes 12 thousand existing activities, 14 thousand existing hours, and 50 million existing data points - can be used to drive your research. We can also aggregate anonymized data for an additional 35 million athletes (data from Garmin, Suunto, Polar).

Data Science

Data Science

PWR Lab's team of data scientists and analytics and data visualization experts can help you define and deliver your needed results.

Data Variables


Ground Contact Time

Vertical Stiffness


Flight Time

Leg Stiffness

Mechanical Efficiency

Cost of Kinetics



Rolling Max Means

Critical Power


3D Speed

sRE (rate of exertion)


Injury Risk

Acute to Chronic Workload Ration (effort-based)

Acute Load

Chronic Load


Change in mechanics-related variables (delta)

Profiling Variables

Lat / Long


Ascent / Descent

HR Zones

Normalized Power

Biometric Information