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Harness the power of GPS wearable devices for highly scalable research.

PWR Lab research partners connect real-world data to innovative research initiatives in order to better understand how runners take action and engage with their sport.Leveraging commercially available wearable devices brings unprecedented scalability to cutting-edge research.

PWR Lab System

Connection Initiates Action

We partner with researchers to use data from wearable technology in real-world settings to identify appropriate and basic biomechanical variables and proper analyses to reduce injuries and activate higher performing runners.

Partner with PWR Lab to utilize sports performance data, data science, and consulting services

Our Research Platform provides custom support to organizations, businesses, and institutions working to push the boundaries of sports performance research or deepen their existing knowledge base.

Contact us to learn how we partner to provide anonymized sports performance data and consulting services to support and facilitate your research endeavors through a robust, innovative framework.

Action Defines Engagement

Action Defines Engagement

PWR Lab works to remove barriers between research institutions, gear producers and runners in order to foster collaborative innovation and events that inspire.

Over 90% of regular runners use wearable technology, typically in the form of wrist-watches and heart rate straps, amassing billions of data points on every activity.

This data mostly, goes to their eyes only. PWR Lab asks the question, “What if all of this real-world data on every run, every stride, every second, and within every community was connected to innovative organizations to create hyper-personalized products geared toward their individual needs?”

We believe this real-world date is the future of innovation and engagement.

Engagement Builds Relationships

PWR Lab is in the relationship business.

Real-world data from runners drives innovation in companies who understand that engaging their consumers directly and intimately is the future of health, fitness and business.

Research based upon wearable technology is necessary to identify appropriate and basic biomechanical variables and proper analyses.

Engage with runners and improve clinical interventions or coaching practices in order to reduce injuries and improve performance for runners in natural environments.