PWR Lab is optimized for runners. Anyone from a serious weekend warrior to a professional can tap into the power of PWR Lab to use cutting edge sports research and state-of-the-art data data science to for better, smarter, healthier training.

To get started sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial and follow our simple instructions to sync your personal training device (Garmin and Suunto GPS watches work currently; Apple and Polar watches, Garmin GPS devices, and Strava and Stryd accounts coming soon).

Our proprietary training data algorithms convert millions of raw data points from your workouts into advanced performance metrics including power output, ground contact time, and rolling max power means. Athletes view powerful summary visualizations for Training Load, Resilience, and Power Distribution visualizations in the Athlete Performance Dashboard to understand their training progress and current resiliency against injury. Athletes can also drill down into individual workouts to see the PWR Lab advanced metrics for those workouts as well as basic metrics like distance, time, speed, and cadence.

PWR Lab calculations assess not only the quality of your workouts but also your recoveries and resiliency. PWR Lab Training Planner and PWR Lab guidelines help runners confidently use this information to improve training for better results and reduced injury risk, including the ability to pre-evaluate a plan's risk and potential to reach intended performance.

PWR Lab will have cyclist, swimmer, and triathlon optimized options in the future.

We don't encourage it, but if you're the kind of person that wants to read the users manual before starting your Free Trail, see full Users Manual HERE