Getting Started…

Getting started is a two part process:

1. Create an account and 2. Link your device and import your data.

Step by step instructions for each process are outlined below. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate out by emailing us at!

Account Creation

1. Create your PWR Lab account

Navigate to the PWR Lab home page.

Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and follow the steps to creating an account.

2. Update your account with biometric data

Login to your PWR Lab account

-> Click on your name in top right of the page

-> select ‘Profile’

-> fill in information 

-> click the green ‘Save’ button at the bottom 

**Important: the ability for PWR Lab to accurately calculate power hinges on correct body weight and height inputs.

Link your device

1. Connect your training device to the PWR Lab Platform.

Note: You will need your Garmin Connect or Suunto Movescount username and password.

Login to your PWR Lab account

-> click on your name in top right of the page

-> select ‘Profile’

-> scroll down and click on the device icon to match the training watch

-> follow the step by step process for the given watch.  

Important: For Garmin users, you will need to enter their Garmin Connect credentials in order to link their Garmin watch (not PWR Lab credentials!).

2. Import historical data.  

If you are using a Suunto device, this will occur automatically and nothing needs to be done.  

If you are using a Garmin device: navigate to the profile page, scroll down to find the ‘Import Garmin Activities’ section. Enter your Garmin Connect information and then click ‘begin import’. This will pull in all of your historical data from your Garmin Connect account.

3.  Check that data is loading. Once these steps have been completed, please go to the home page (click on the PWR Lab Icon at the top left) on the account and ensure that the data populates the home page. 

Set up complete!  All incoming activities that are now uploaded to either Garmin Connect or to Suunto Movescount (depending on the device linked to the account) will automatically update the PWR Lab dashboard.