PWR Lab Adds Polar Device Support

PWR Lab expands device compatibility by enabling the linking and auto-syncing of data from the Polar Flow app, officially becoming compatible with high quality Polar GPS devices.

With the addition of Polar compatibility, PWR Lab continues to expand support across the highest quality GPS watches, building upon existing functionality with Garmin and multiple Suunto platforms. Once your Polar Flow profile is connected to PWR Lab, new data will automatically sync to your PWR Lab account, making it incredibly easy to take advantage of the second-by-second data you’re working hard to generate. We import all your historical data as well, enabling us to create a baseline that is specific and relevant to you, ultimately helping you to avoid injury and perform your best.

How To Get Started

Once you’ve started using Polar Flow, connecting the app to PWR Lab is even simpler than signing up for PWR Lab in the first place.

1. Log in to your PWR Lab account

2. Navigate to the ‘Profile’ page from the upper right menu

3. Select the Polar icon from the available compatible services

4. The guided linking & import process will begin automatically: follow the prompts and be sure to complete all steps before closing out of your browser window

5. That’s it! Your device is linked, historical data has been added to your PWR Lab account, and future activities will automatically sync to PWR Lab once you’ve stored them within the Suunto app

Connect Polar Flow to PWR Lab

Existing PWR Lab user?

Follow the steps above and continue using your PWR Lab account without interruption. Whether you're replacing an older device, simply adding another device, or switching over from a different service, we've got you covered.

Have a Polar watch but not yet using PWR Lab?

If you're already generating training data using your Polar watch then getting onto PWR Lab is easy. Sign up today for a free trial to link your watch and start understanding your risk for injury, training consistently, and performing your best.
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