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Tip Sheet: What is 'unloading'?

Published by: PWR Lab

How does decreasing your training load influence injury risk and training efficiency?

In pursuit of the ‘Unbreakable’ Athlete: what is the role of moderating factors and circular causation?

Published by: the British Journal of Sports Medicine

Resiliency & Robustness - understanding load capacity and its influencers.

Load, capacity and health: critical pieces of the holistic performance puzzle

Published by: The British Journal of Sports Medicine

Load, load capacity, health and performance are all interlinked and never mutually exclusive.

Preparing for Half-Marathon: The Association Between Changes in Weekly Running Distance and Running-Related Injuries—Does It Matter How the Running Is Scheduled?

Published by: Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy 

Increasing weekly running distance >20% increased injuries in the current study.

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