Why We Exist

Everything we do, we believe in empowering individuals with the opportunity to sustainably optimize performance through resilient health - one athlete, one team, one organization at a time.
— Team PWR Lab




About PWR Lab

PWR Lab is a team of data scientists, practitioners, and sports scientists who believe that athlete data made simple is visually powerful in reducing injuries and improving athlete resiliency. Out of this belief came a system built from the ground up to better address those complex individual athlete stories and in turn, proactively keep players playing.


Out of Complexity, Find Simplicity

Athletes cannot progress if they cannot play...it’s that simple. By arming coaches, performance and sports medicine staff, and athletes with a roadmap to navigate the training and competition journey, we heed Einstein's philosophy: "out of complexity, find simplicity". With that in mind, the PWR Lab ecosystem is designed with the critical understanding that high performance is built from a foundation centered around three key variables- Preparedness, Wellness, and Resiliency. The PWR philosophy is the driving philosophy that underlies our passion to better understand and help those achieve individual and team success.

PWR Athlete | PWR Team | PWR Research

Every team, athlete, and organization has a story to tell.  In order to better understand each story, PWR Lab offers three unique products that addresses the team, the athlete, and the organization perspective.  



PWR Athlete

The PWR athlete is one that works consistently and resiliently towards personal performance goals.  The PWR Athlete system is designed to support and direct individual athletes towards their greatest sustainable athletic capacity by maintaining low injury risk, knowledge and awareness of key variables, and a high view picture to track progress.  



PWR Team

The PWR Team represents a cohesive group of athletes that maintain a high percentage of availability to play via a focus on injury prevention, wellness, and preparedness.  No matter the sport, PWR Lab's system will provide a high view visualization that allows coaches and team stake holders to quickly and effectively monitor and track the preparedness and resiliency of their team. The system provides both the broad overview as well as the detailed analysis of every athlete and every training session.  


PWR Research

PWR Research is an organization or institution that works to push the boundaries of sports performance research or deepen the existing knowledge base.  PWR Lab provides anonymized sports performance data as well as consulting services in order to support and facilitate these endeavors through a robust innovative framework.  


The team here at PWR Lab is a group of data-centric athletes.  You can find us roaming the trails on a mountain bike, racing at ultra distance or Ironman events, or perhaps catching some waves at the local surf spot.  

PWR Lab was born from a shared passion for the journey that training and racing has inspired in each of us. 

We'd love to share this passion with you.


Jeff Moreno

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Athlete Development Expert 



Jeff received his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 1999. In 2003, he received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Southern California.

Jeff became a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist in 2006. He is formally trained and heavily influenced by Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and other movement-based approaches and has extensive training in assessment and rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries, specializing in the running athlete.

In 2005, Jeff became the team physical therapist for Nike Team Run Los Angeles, a post-collegiate professional running team. He has helped U.S., Canadian, and Chinese track and field champions as well as Olympic and World Championship medalists be their best self.

Jeff believes that Movement is Life and he has dedicated his professional life toward understanding athlete development and movement skill acquisition in order to empower individuals with the opportunity and choice to be their best self.

Jeff continues to lecture nationally and internationally on youth athlete development and injury prevention of the running athlete.

2006: Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

2003: DPT, Physical Therapy    

University of Southern California

1999: B.S., Kinesiology  

Cal Poly, SLO




Chris Berthiaume

Computational Engineering & Science Expert


Chris received his BA in Mathematics from the University of Vermont and then continued on to achieve his MS in Computational Engineering and Science from the University of Utah.

Chris grew up in Massachusetts playing lots of different sports but his first love was skiing. That passion, in large part, led him to Vermont for undergraduate study and Utah for graduate school.

In between stretches as a ski bum and a student in Utah, he spent two years as an AmeriCorps volunteer. Part of Chris's time with AmeriCorps was spent with Splore, an organization providing adaptive outdoor adventures for people of any age an ability. Chris feels very fortunate for getting to share trips and outings with the Splore participants and volunteers.

Chris has 15 years of experience in the software development world, 10 of which are in the healthcare industry. Most recently, he is the lead of a team of solution architects who help drive the technological innovation for his company.

2004: M.S. Computational Engineering and Science  

 University of Utah

1998: B.A., Mathematics, Minor in Computer Science  

University of Vermont



Adam Stepanovic

Behavioral Economist & Data Expert



Adam is an entrepreneur who is committed to bringing innovative ideas to reality. He focuses on simplifying noise in outcomes measurement to inform meaningful decisions. He has 10 years of experience working with complex datasets, and presenting the information within them in a way that garners real action.

Growing up in Western Colorado, he dabbled as a ski-bum, and competed in junior and collegiate ice hockey. Nowadays he’s an avid long-distance runner, cyclist, aspiring surfer, foodie, and beginner Californian.

Adam received his BA in Economics from Colorado State University, and after working across multiple sectors, returned to complete a MA in Applied Economics from San Jose State University. His studies have focused on understanding human decision making and behavior strategies in order to maximize performance gains and minimize the low points.

2015: M.S., Applied Economics  

San Jose State University

2007: B.S. Political Science and Government 

Colorado State University



Jen Vroomen

Data Scientist & Exercise Scientist



Jen received her BS in Exercise Science with a Minor in Mathematics from the University of Puget Sound in 2011.  She went on to achieve her MS in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University in 2017.  

Jen grew up in California as a soccer player, runner, and equestrian athlete.  After sustaining a severe back injury, she turned to swimming to strengthen and rehabilitate.  This journey eventually lead to discovering a passion for long distance triathlon.   

Sports performance fuels Jen's personal athletic endeavors as well as her work as a coach.  Armed with nearly a decade of professional coaching experience, and a MS in predictive analytics, Jen aims to bridge the gap between Data Science and Sport Performance.  

2017: M.S., Predictive Analytics

Northwestern University

2011: B.S., Exercise Science, Minor in Mathematics  

University of Puget Sound



JD Williams

Computational Engineering & Programming Expert



JD studied computer science and business administration at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, graduating with his bachelor's degree in 2006.

Growing up in Memphis, TN, JD played many sports, including competitive baseball, football, and wrestling. After suffering shoulder injuries and having multiple surgeries, he decided to focus on his other passion; computer programming.

JD has over 12 years of experience designing and building software solutions in many different industries including advertising, marketing, graphics, gaming, and real estate. Most recently he was an solutions architect for a company in the health care industry.
When he is not working, JD enjoys reading, running, weight lifting, playing the guitar and watching movies.

2006: B.S., Computer Science and Business Administration  

University of Tennessee, Knoxville



Knowledge is PWR.


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