Connecting and activating healthy, high-performing runners

Trusted by athletes of all levels and the most innovative brands & organizations.

PWR Lab is the premier provider of Connected Sports services.

PWR Lab enables runners of all abilities to pursue and achieve optimal health, training and performance through wearable device data, connected experiences, and cutting edge sports science.

PWR Lab offers sports brands, event organizers, athletic organizations, and researchers unique ways to connect with runners and the exceptional run data we collect daily.



Sync up to software built by runners for runners, and gain control over the common injury cycles that have been demonstrated to be largely preventable!

Quantify your training load – frequency, volume, intensity, density – and take advantage of PWR Lab’s powerful metrics.

Use the Workout Builder to gain peace of mind about your next run before even putting your shoes on.

No other software predicts how you’ll perform in future workouts and visualizes the expected impact on your injury risk through the PWR Lab training hub.

Connected Event


Connected Events by PWR Lab are REAL events that are distributed across time, location, or both.

Connect with your teammates and competitors throughout the journey. Track your progress and complete challenges on the leaderboard. Receive updates at key milestones.

Whether you intend to run 500 miles in one summer or look to compete across validated, on-location trail races – we’ve got you covered.

Are you a Race Director craving an event that attracts participants and buzz? WR Lab Connected Events seamlessly integrate with most popular wearables, registration platforms, and email marketing services.

Connecting Brands


Partner with PWR Lab to activate your athletes and runners through community building & engagement, sales & marketing, and research & development.

Understand who your consumers are. We help you interpret the data from what your runners actually DO through their personalized digital signature, and SAY, through user surveys, to gain understanding of how to innovate and personalize your product.

Athletes can connect with their favorite brands and become part of the innovation process.

Athletes contribute their anonymized health and performance statistics and assist brands to evolve with real world data. Brands reward their communities with special incentives and programs.