What we do

Your PWR Lab account combines millions of data points from your smart watch with cutting edge sports research and state-of-the-art data data science.

Powerful data visualizations in your Performance Dashboard show basic metrics like distance, time, speed, and cadence of your workouts and also include PWR Lab advanced calculations to show power output, ground contact time, and rolling max power means.

PWR Lab calculations assess not only the quality of your workouts but also your recovery and resiliency. PWR Lab guidelines help runners confidently use this information to improve training for better results and reduced injury risk .  

A Few Key Features

These features are designed with the runner in mind.

Each one addresses a key area of training: preparedness, wellness, and resiliency.





The All-In-One Digital Training System

PWR Lab combines fantastically powerful technologies with a fiercely committed service.


Second by Second Sensing

PWR Lab monitors your athletes 24/7.  The platform combines: advanced metric analysis, a comprehensive wellness survey, and forecasting algorithms that are collected at a hub which then integrates the data into a  robust and secured database.


Software Brain

PWR Lab processes millions of data points to create a comprehensive and integrated view of your athletes and team.  Accessible from any device, it provides objective and highly actionable insights to your coaches, team managers and department leaders.


Tailored Service

PWR Lab is committed to your success with an exceptional multi-layered service.  A dedicated team stands behind the PWR Lab system and accompanies your deployment.   Data scientists help you master analytics; and our internationally renowned mechanics and injury prevention specialist ensures that your team is moving flawlessly.  


Predictable, Optimized Training

Preparedness + Wellness + Resilience =  PWR Lab.

PWR Lab employs highly sensitive load variables to predict and optimize an athlete or a team's capacity for preparedness and resilience.  PWR Lab provides your team's coaches with highly accurate load analysis to closely monitor performance dynamics.  It maximizes athlete preparedness + wellness + resilience by indicating optimal load, flagging overtraining or under training, indicating high injury risk, and promoting improved performance metrics for each athlete.   


“PWR Lab believes in optimizing the highest sustainable athletic capacity through a resilient foundation of health - one athlete, one team, one organization at a time.”

-Dr. Jeff Moreno, Co-Founder and CEO


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